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LMC is partnering with numerous oil & gas companies to strip and abate hundreds of miles of coal tar coated pipe lines that are being replaced in an effort to decrease their environmental impact. The responsibility of LMC to sustain an economically friendly environment eliminates the former practice of disposing pipe containing coal tar into landfills. This effort will bring the old pipe to LMC’s Dansville facility, where it will be tested, treated, stripped and sent to a foundry to be re-purposed. LMC is able to provide the required testing related to asbestos, PCB’s, and other related industry exposures.

The pipe cleaning technology itself, a high-pressure water jet, exceeds EPA standards by:

  • Reducing NOx and particulate matter by over 90%
  • Use less fuel than other options
  • High efficiency (up to 97%) with consistent performance
  • Low operating cost
  • Fast, easy maintenance
  • Advanced engineering and long-life materials
  • Safe worker environment for employee exposure to Asbestos Contaminated Material’s

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LMC has over 350 employees which include; API 1104, ASME, AISC & AWS certified welders and fabricators, NACE painters & blasters, licensed & NCCCO Trained crane operators & riggers, millwrights & carpenters, HVAC service group, engineering and locomotive employees.